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Cain Loewe
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Name: Cain Loewe
Age: 22
Alliance: Fireland Industries
Sex: Male
Hair: Dirty Blond
Eyes: Green
Height: 5' 9”
Weight: 72kg
Family: A mother named Iris. She works as a cook at Black Cat Inn.
Clothes: During work, Cain would be wearing Dracul's standard uniform. Off-work, he can usually be seen in casual clothing like jeans and shirts. His clothing during undercover would depend on the place he trying to blend into, but he usually includes a pair of glasses with his disguise.

In line with his past, Cain is an ambitious and determined individual. He seeks to make himself an indispensable member and he would do whatever it takes to get the mission/job done. Though he is levelheaded for most part, emotions do get the better of him at times, especially when it concerns his mother. His temper and pride especially gets the better of him. He holds a grudge against Shin-Ra, especially against Tseng as the Military Academy falls under him and he was the one that made the final decision to expel Cain. Because of that, Cain would do anything to bring down Shin-Ra and the Turks though his hate is directed more to Tseng and his ex-instructors in general. Cain works for Dracul for his own aims. He will stay loyal to Nin Fireland and the Draculs for as long as it is their aim to bring down Shin-Ra and the Turks.

During missions, Cain is all about business. A mistake could cost them their lives. But when they are not on a job, Cain is easy-going and sociable. Though he gives off an affable air, he does not trust people easily; knowing at a young age that the very people you trust could turn and stab you in the back.

Born into the slums to a single mother, Cain grew up amidst poverty and violence. He was mostly left to his own devices while his mother worked at a local diner to provide for the both of them. Not surprisingly, Cain mixed with the local children where he picked up skills like street fighting and pick-locking to name a few. During one of Shin-Ra’s recruitment drive in the slums, Cain managed to do well enough for them to give him a place in Shin-Ra Military Academy.

To Cain, becoming a Turk was the only way for him and his mother to escape poverty. Cain swore he would do anything it took to become a Turk; for him, failure was not an option. It was a ‘do or die’ situation. Cain knew too well what life in the slums was like. He would excel in his classes, where his peers would fall behind. It seemed that Cain has his life set out before him.

To his instructors, he was the perfect Turk – ruthless, cunning, competitive, with the drive and determination to suceed. In short, Cain would do anything to achieve his goals. But what his instructors saw as admirable traits in Cain slowly vanished as more and more of his classmates got injured when sparring with him. The luckier ones managed to achieve full recovery, while others suffered disabling injuries. After a long discussion amongst themselves, they decided that Cain would have to go.

Understandably, Cain did not take the news well and after a heated discussion, he left Shin-Ra and never looked back since. Not too long after, Cain reemerged as a Dracul, working directly under Nin Fireland.

Hand-to-hand combat – Cain has his formal training under the Turks, he is an accomplished fighter who excels in fighting with his bare hands in the Academy. When he was expelled, Cain found himself favoring weapons that added an much needed edge to his skills. He primarily uses Bagh Nakh as his weapon of choice due to its inconspicuousness. The Katar is seldom used due to its size and weight. As such, Cain is not as skilled with the Katar compared to the Bagh Nakh.

Guns – He carries a standard issue handgun with him at all times, with an spare clip. Cain can shoot accurately within the radius of 50 metres. But he is not as proficient with sniping, needing a telescopic sight to aid him.

Bagh Nakh – Only used for close range hand-to-hand combats, the Bagh Nakhs are one of the most effective weapon against an unarmored opponent. Translated, Bagh Nakh literally means Tiger Claws due to the animal whose attacks it replicates. Instead of the having un-retractable claws, which are inconvenient, Cain modified his Bagh Nakh so that the claws could be snapped on whenever it is needed.

Modifying weaponry - Modifying weapons is one of Cain's interest. Though he could customize any weaponry, he specializes in close range weaponry

[Note: The player is not a weapon expert. This means that some of the information found above may not be true and some of them modified to fit the context of the rp. But do feel free to contact the player to correct it.]

Played by kagami_mirror / frenetic

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