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insurmountable H A T R E D
of wounded pr*de &wasted valor
Mr. Fireland, I'm not sure what ShinRa up to but he's up to something. Be careful when you go on the trip. To sum it up, ShinRa mentioned something about eliminating Fireland from the equation and from the exchanges, Reeve would not be going on the trip. Someone will be taking his place.

Ken's back... now I feel bad for even thinking he ran away. He's Ken, of course he would not desert us when things starts getting tough.

Current Mood: anxious

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A little late in introducing myself, but better late than never!

I'm Kane Butler and I've just joined WRO. And unlike the other assistants to Mr. Tuesti, I certainly plan to stay longer than a few days and I hope that I will be able to meet with everyone in time to come.

Quick question!

What happened to my predecessors? Did Cait Sith scare them off or something?

[Locked to the Draculs and Nin Fireland || Unhackable]

Update on situation.

I’ve been adapting well. WRO was ridiculously easy to infiltrate.

I’ll be renting a room at The Pit for now until I can find a suitable place to move to so it shouldn’t be too hard for Con to contact me without any suspicions. I’ll be needing the apartment at The Towers until I’d carried out my assignment at the very least.

If anyone needs to contact me urgently, my new number’s XXX-XXXXXXX. I’m sure that you guys know better than to use a fixed line, right?

And Con? How can you stand the place? I’ve killed five roaches and there are still more! I wonder if there are lice on the bed...

[ooc; Finally an unlocked post x_x Shachou~ Would Cain be able to read the WRO locked posts? Even the ones prior to him joining WRO?]

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Anyone who's not occupied, there's a meeting in the boss's office immediately.

[ooc; sent to every Dracul's PDA/mobile phones/email/whatever they are using to communicate XD;;;]
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'kay peeps. Not trying to be rude or anything... It's just that it has been some time since we last sat down and had a war council.


What assignment is everyone on now? Is someone taking care of WRO or the remnants? How are we dividing the tasks? Do I still need to keep watch on ShinRa?

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I've just spotted Rude. Seems like he's back in play.

[EDIT] I think I spotted a rookie in the Turks' ranks. She/He was talking about her first day. Nothing spectacular there, just chasing some guy embezzling money from ShinRa. But from what I could gather, she/he mainly uses fists.

Current Mood: predatory

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Task #1
Tarr was assigned to shadow Rufus and Dias and me, Elena. Orders were given to take her out in a way that would reflect badly on Shin-Ra.

Note: Due to Kadaj being in the equation. It was judged to be the best course of action at the time to take Shinra back.


Task #2
Mister Fireland also requested that either Dias or myself to approach Yuffie Kisaragi’s helper to convince him to be our inside man. But Ken said that he would look into it himself.

Status: Ongoing

Task #3
Lastly, we are to obtain more information the two children in 7th Heaven and to take them back. Dias and I will be discussing this on a later date.

Status: Ongoing

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I’m back! Did I miss anything?

Took me longer than expected, but it’s done. None of the news crew noticed me. Should I destroy the evidences that I gathered back from the lab, or…?


Any of you guys need help with anything?

Current Mood: accomplished

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